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Denise E. Jacobs

Denise E. Jacobs is the author of Red Amaryllis, but for many years was a successful businesswoman...until fate intervened.

Red Amaryllis Author, Denise E. Jacobs
Denise E. Jacobs, author of Red Amaryllis.

By nature, Denise is a shy person, doesn’t like to be the centre of attention and was therefore nervous and initially reluctant to come forward and share her life story in a book.

When you read Red Amaryllis, you will learn that Denise’s complex history of accurately predicting future events is unnerving.  Her goal is a straight-forward one – to convince as many cynics and world leaders as possible that there really is another dimension from where they can see our future and she has been trained to communicate with them.  But they come with a warning that we are heading towards a terrifying future in our world unless we change direction before it’s too late.

Denise cannot make anyone believe something they do not want to believe but she can provide the evidence, witnesses, and signed testimonies taken from her life story and then let the readers make up their own minds.

Denise was born in County Durham but, after completing her education, ventured to London to train as a hairdresser with the prestigious Robert Fielding of Regent Street School of Hairdressing.

Returning home, she established her own award-winning salon for nine years before forming a new business venture with her husband at the turn of the 1980s that would go on to become the first world’s first supplier of in-seat video screens in airplanes and taxis.

It was in 1983 that Denise first became aware that she had powers. As she recalls, she was upstairs at home bathing her first child, Daniel, who was only one year old at the time, when she distinctly heard a voice speaking to her. The voice identified itself as her husband’s late grandfather, Jack, and warned her to move some jugs in the bathroom from her son’s reach. Moments later, Daniel knocked over a jug and pitcher on the floor while she wasn’t looking, smashing them and hurting himself.

At first, Denise confesses that she thought she was “going mad”. At this point, her husband didn’t believe in her powers but that all changed after he arranged for her to visit a touring psychic. At the event, and without any prior communication between them, the psychic singled Denise out in the audience and told her what she already suspected, that she was a medium.

Denise gradually developed her abilities to the point that she could see the past, present and future. It was just one year after receiving her first message from the next phase of existence that Denise received the warning that would come to change the whole direction of her life. She says it was her late mother-in-law, Celia, who showed her a “horrifying” vision of what was to come if all nations did not move from a path of aggression to world peace: nuclear Armageddon.

Since that moment, Denise has dedicated her life to sharing this vital message. She admits that it has not been easy, with many dismissing her warning outright or insulting her, but she has continued undaunted despite this opposition. “My only concern is for the children. They do not deserve to suffer for the actions of our blinkered, warmongering world-leaders.”

Central to Denise’s story is an extraordinary eight-year legal battle, held in the Royal Courts of Justice, London. Denise and her husband Michael were the originators of the in-flight video entertainment we watch today in aeroplanes and taxis. But early in their company’s development they were the victims of an advanced-fee fraud, resulting in the loss of their company and world-wide patents and which left them destitute and homeless.

Denise and Michael decided to sue the huge multi-national financial services company, whose representatives arranged a financial business package with fraudsters. It appeared to be an unwinnable David and Goliath case; two people with no financial resources and without any legal knowledge representing themselves against a vast company, a household name, with bottomless funds and five-star legal team. But with the help of her late brother Paul, who pinpointed the exact locations of the vital documents which held the key to the case, she proved that those in the next dimension do exist and that their messages are real.


Over the years, Denise E. Jacobs had come to impress many people with her gift, leaving them in no doubt that she is genuine. Here are the honest testimonies of just a few of them...


I have never met Denise Jacobs in person.

At about 60 Years of age, year 2000, I began experiencing mysterious attacks of explosive erratic heart rate, which would produce such disability through near fainting, that I could neither walk, nor drive. I would lie down, and or sit, and hope for early resolution. The spells lasted about 8 to 12 hours, and left me exhausted, progressively. At first, they were quite sporadic, occurring every few months, but after years, they begin to progress and take a toll on my energy and confidence. Work, exercise, active play had all become more problematic. A precise diagnosis finally arrived after considerable testing, of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.  Episodes increased over time to once weekly.

Initial trials of medication lead to difficult side effects, with only mild benefit.

One day in the late summer of 2009, I happened to be in the kitchen of my friend Terry Bilton. He was talking to his sister, Denise Jacobs, on his computer, as they did regularly. She was in London. We were in Racine, Wisconsin.

I walk past the computer, and heard Denise exclaim,

“Is that Richard? Terry, we can complete this later. I need to talk to him.”

And she did talk to me. She told me that she had received messages of help that I was in a deteriorating state and that I might be dying. She urged me to listen to her and follow her directions immediately. She told me that certain elements of my diet were combining to drive a deteriorating cardiac condition. I presumed that she was surmising this from conversations with Terry.

I asked her how she would come to this conclusion, and she said, “You may not like this, but I’m getting messages from the next world that are clearly aimed at you. She was quite adamant. She said to start by discontinuing these food elements; that at first it would really suck, and after about three days, I would begin experiencing benefits.

As a western trained physician, I had my doubts about any of this, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it. The results were immediate. Instead of having sustained attacks once weekly, with an entire day down with disability, I experienced no more than one or two brief episodes in the next six months with no disability.  In addition, there are other benefits, improved energy, gradual appropriate weight loss, and better sleep. I was able to exercise again, got back to regular tennis, and physical activity, benefits which have persisted to this day.

I am eternally grateful to Denise, and her bold determination to deliver these messages to me. At the time, it was quite difficult to believe the basis of her information; applying it has immensely improved and possibly saved my life. She never asked for anything in return.
– Richard V. Colan MD., S.C., Consultant Neurologist, Wisconsin, USA

I am Denise’s older brother. Over the years, I have had the privilege to receive many unbelievable messages from Denise, too many to count, and at the same time, witnessed many occasions where Denise gave other people amazing messages. Early on, she proved that those messages were eerily accurate, and left me in no doubt that we are being watched from another dimension, and that when we die, it’s not the end of everything, just another beginning!
– Mr Terry Bilton, Wisconsin, USA

Denise is the most gentle, kind and caring person with not a mean bone in her body and there have been numerous occasions when she has gotten in touch with me out of the blue because she has sensed her help was needed.  After my mother’s passing, Denise telephoned as she had received a message from her.   Denise talked about keeping memories from my parent’s home and bizarrely, one item she suggested was a blue tool box with a heavy hammer – not exactly sentimental.   Before my mother died, she had said she wanted to make sure my husband, Philip, had my father’s tool box and yes…it is blue… and when we opened it, we saw that it contained an unusually heavy hammer!!!
– Deborah Bright, London

From being a complete cynic, when I first met Denise, her extraordinary gift has amazed me. The messages she received on my behalf, when I most needed support, all came true exactly as she had described. How could she have known the details and timings of events past, present and future, if it were not from those we have loved and lost, who wish to guide us by communicating through her?

Denise’s story is remarkable and may well make those who are sceptical question their beliefs.
– Philip Bright, London

On 21st October, 2008, my wonderful Mum passed away – I was devastated. Denise tried to console me and then, a couple of days later, out of the blue, she phoned me when I was about to go to Mum’s funeral and feeling very low. She told me to cheer up and that Mum was with her telling her to tell me she was fine. I asked Denise how she could prove the message was from my mum. Denise told me Mum wanted to say that she loved Custard Creams. In that moment, I knew it was my mum talking to me via Denise. These were her absolute favourite biscuits, she adored them and there was no way Denise could ever have known that. This eased my distress and gave me so much comfort knowing that Mum was still around me and, although she was on her way to her own funeral, she was fine. I feel so very grateful to Denise. Her messages went a long way to helping me through this bereavement. Denise is one in a million.
– Bill Blass, Middlesex

You asked me to revisit the past and in particular the part I played in the story of how you succeeded in your court case. I say ‘the part I played’ but really I carried on in my mysterious ways and you carried on in your particularly mysterious ways. The two mysterious ways collided and uncovered the missing evidence to prove your case in a way some might have difficulty in believing. No worries there however, because the facts in the case show it did happen. The unbelievable truth is that you had been given a message in 1987 which enabled you to meet me in anticipation of me providing you with the evidence you needed in 2002, fifteen years later.
– Nick Montgomery, West Sussex