The Doomsday Clock Is Ticking...

Red Amaryllis

Red Amaryllis, the new book from author Denise E. Jacobs, is an inspirational autobiographical account of one woman's pursuit of justice through adversity, coupled with her extraordinary ability to prove the real existence of an afterlife. You will learn that this ability also comes with an urgent warning - one where we and all the world leaders must play our part.

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Red Amaryllis has attracted significant positive media attention.

Praise for Denise E. Jacobs and Red Amaryllis

Author Denise E. Jacobs, and her new book, Red Amaryllis, have received acclaim in the British media. Click on the link below to see just a small selection of the coverage to date, including respected publication such as The Scotsman, Reader’s Digest and Female First.


The Scotsman The Scotsman

"Red Amaryllis offers an unforgettable, heart-wrenching story of struggle and adversity underpinned by one ordinary woman’s extraordinary calling.”

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Reader's Digest Reader's Digest

“If you don’t believe in an afterlife or higher purpose then Red Amaryllis will make you think again.”

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Female First Female First

“A clarion call for peace, love and understanding but, more importantly, a convincing entreaty for us all to act before it’s too late.”

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Red Amaryllis by Denise E. Jacobs is available now.

World War III is Approaching

Red Amaryllis by Denise E. Jacobs offers a frank and honest account of her life and journey of discovery, and shares a vital warning from those in the next phase of existence about impending nuclear armageddon – unless we act now to avert it.


Our world is threatened by aggressive global superpowers.

The Stage is Set for a new global atomic conflict

Since the dawn of the atom bomb, mutual nuclear annihilation has been a terrifying and tangible possibility. Today, world leaders are pursuing an ever-more militant international policy, abandoning long-held nuclear proliferation treaties for a modern arms race. Perhaps more alarming, are the threats coming from new players in this global arms race. We are now seeing new players pursue atomic ambitions not for deterrence, but instead for aggressive attacking intentions. Those with the means to influence global change must find a path to world peace, before it’s too late.


Nuclear warheads in the world


Billion (USD) spent annually by USA on nuclear weapons


Total nuclear detonation tests since 1945

Washington, D.C. • January 23, 2020

2020 Doomsday Clock Announcement

Each year, the members of non-profit organisation the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists set the Doomsday Clock – a metaphor for the threats posed to humanity from unchecked scientific and technical advances. Global catastrophe is said to have happened when the clock reaches midnight. It is now just 100 seconds away.

National leaders have ended or undermined several major arms control treaties and negotiations during the last year, creating an environment conducive to a renewed nuclear arms race and to discarding barriers to nuclear war.”
-Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists

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Noam Chomsky

There are two problems for our species’ survival – nuclear war and environmental catastrophe – and we’re hurtling towards them.

Noam Chomsky

Linguist, philosopher & cognitive scientist.
Stephen Hawking

Although September 11 was horrible, it didn’t threaten the survival of the human race, like nuclear weapons do.

Stephen Hawking

Theoretical Physicist
Sir Joseph Roblat

I have to bring to your notice a terrifying reality: with the development of nuclear weapons Man has acquired, for the first time in history, the technical means to destroy the whole of civilization in a single act.

Sir Joseph Rotblat

Physicist, Manhattan Project
Ali Khamenei

It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.

Ali Khamenei

Grand Ayatollah, Iran
Kim Jong Un

Our republic is a responsible nuclear state that, as we made clear before, will not use nuclear weapons first unless aggressive hostile forces use nuclear weapons to invade on our sovereignty.

Kim Jong Un

Supreme Leader, North Korea
Boris Johnson

The Iranians are one day going to possess a nuclear bomb; there is almost certainly nothing we can do about it; all our blustering and threats are pointless, Indeed, if all else fails, there may even be a case for giving the Iranians the bomb

Boris Johnson

Former Prime Minister, United Kingdom
Vladimir Putin

But as a citizen of Russia, as a head of the Russian state, I want to ask – why do we need a world if Russia ceases to exist?

Vladimir Putin

President, Russia
Donald Trump

Our missile technology, our equipment, is better than anybody by a factor of five. I mean look, we have, in terms of technology… nobody can even come close to competing…

Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?”

Donald Trump

Former President, United States of America